Benefits of choosing a static caravan for temporary accommodation 

If your home is being renovated or you are starting a self build, you might need to think about temporary accommodation while the work is completed. One effective and popular choice is to purchase a second hand caravan to position on your property. But what are the benefits of choosing a static caravan for temporary accommodation? And what are the important considerations?

What are the important factors to consider? 

If you’re thinking about purchasing a static caravan for your temporary accommodation, there are a number of different factors you should bear in mind. These include:

  • A second hand or new static caravan- One of the first factors to consider is whether you should purchase a new static caravan, or a second hand one. There is sure to be a second hand static caravan that is more than able to meet your requirements for comfort, condition and size and layout, especially from us here at West Lancs Caravans. A second hand caravan is also much cheaper, which means that you can redirect your budget to the home renovations or building work underway. 
  • The size and layout- Another important factor to consider is the size and layout of the caravan. In terms of size, it’s important to choose a static caravan that will accommodate your household, with plenty of space for your children or pets. However, you will also need to consider the amount of space you have available to site your static caravan on your land. This will also include space to access the caravan safely and within regulations. In terms of the layout, different static caravans have different bedroom layout options, as well as different kitchen and living space options. As a result, you should choose the layout option that best suits your requirements and household.
  • Facilities and connections- For a static caravan on your property you will need to consider the electrical and water connections, so that you can have power and water. You will also need to organise gas canisters for heating and gas. Some locations may not be suitable for connection, and it’s important to consult a professional team to make sure that your on site caravan will be suitable for habitation.
  • Transport and installation- Finally, you will also need to consider the transport of the caravan, and the installation on your property. This may add extra cost to your budget, and it’s important to find a team you can trust, with extensive experience siting caravans in different types of locations.

benefits of choosing a static caravan for temporary accommodation

What are the benefits of choosing a static caravan for temporary accommodation?

There are a number of benefits and advantages to choosing a static caravan for your temporary accommodation. These include:

  • Cost-effective- When compared with other temporary accommodation options, like hotels, purchasing a second hand static caravan can help you save money in the long run, depending on the duration of your predicted renovation work. For long running projects, and homes with a larger household, a static caravan will definitely work out cheaper. You can also consider selling or renting out your static caravan, once the work is completed, to make some of your money back. 
  • Proximity- With work being undertaken on your home, you may prefer to stay on site to be close to the work being carried out. This is often especially important if you are involved in the renovations yourself, or if you are taking on the role of project manager.   

If you’re looking to purchase a static caravan in great condition and at an affordable price, why not take a look at what we can offer here at West Lancs Caravans?