Planning permission for static caravans on private land 

If you’re thinking about purchasing a static caravan to place on your private property, there are a number of factors that may need to be considered. One of these important factors is planning permission. So what are the important aspects for planning permission for static caravans on private land? And what do you need to […]

Benefits of purchasing a static caravan in time for the Summer 

As summer approaches you may be thinking about taking some time away or enjoying a summer holiday. But have you considered purchasing a static caravan? This is an option that can bring joy and enjoyment all year round, but is especially enticing in the summer. So what are the benefits of purchasing a static caravan […]

Considerations when upgrading your static caravan

If you have a static caravan that your family enjoys, you may be considering an upgrade. Whether you need more space, more modern technology, or your existing caravan is experiencing wear and tear, an upgrade can be a great idea. But what are the important considerations when upgrading your static caravan? What are the important […]

Buying a new static caravan vs a used one 

Buying a static caravan can be a great choice for everyone, including families. But deciding whether to buy a new static caravan or a used one can be a difficult decision, and one that requires a range of considerations to take into account.  What are the considerations when deciding between buying a new static caravan […]