Access considerations for static caravans

If you’re thinking about installing a static caravan on your property, you will undoubtedly benefit from the numerous advantages this can provide. However, there are a number of access considerations for static caravans that can be important to bear in mind. So what are these considerations? And how can you be sure that your caravan will be in a suitable space for functionality?

So what are the important access considerations for static caravans?

There are a number of different considerations to bear in mind when it comes to access for your static caravan. These include a range of factors, from the site itself, to the accessibility of the caravan. 

Location and site accessibility

One of the first factors to consider is the location and accessibility of the caravan site itself. You will need to choose space on your land that is easily accessible to the road or drive, as well as space that is large enough for the caravan, and for the space around it. You may also need to factor in privacy and electrical and plumbing needs.

Caravan size and weight

Static caravans are available in a wide range of sizes and weights. As a result, you will need to ensure that your chosen site can accommodate the size and weight of your caravan. You may need to lay a concrete base for the caravan in the space you want to site it, to make sure that the weight can be fully supported.

Entry points and pathways

Adequate access to the caravan itself is essential. You may choose to install ramps, decking or pathways to the caravan from your property to make it easier and safer to access in all weather conditions. You may also opt for accessibility options like handrails depending on the purpose and intended use of your static caravan. For example, if you or your guests have mobility issues, it’s crucial to consider wheelchair accessibility. You will need to ensure that the caravan and its surroundings are wheelchair-friendly, with wide doorways and ramps where necessary. 

Emergency access

It’s always important to consider emergency access. In case of unforeseen events, you should always ensure that you can safely and swiftly exit your caravan, preferably through two separate exits or entrances.


Security is paramount, especially if you plan to leave your caravan unattended for periods. Consider investing in security measures such as locks, alarms, and CCTV systems to protect your investment as a caravan on your property can be a target for criminals.


Last but not least, ensure that your caravan is adequately insured. This not only covers any potential damage but can also provide peace of mind in case of theft or vandalism.

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